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2023 IRS Contribution Limits

2022 Limits2023 Limits
Employee Elective Deferrals to the 403(b), 457(b) and 401(k) Plans $20,500 $22,500
Catch-Up Contributions (Age 50 or older) to the 403(b), 457(b) and 401(k) Plans$6,500 $7,500
Annual Addition Dollar Maximum (applies to Employer-paid 401(a), 403(b) and 401(k) Plans)$61,000 $66,000
Defined Benefit Dollar Maximum $245,000 $265,000
Highly Compensated Employee Threshold (applies mainly to 401(k) Plans)$135,000 $150,000
Key Employee Threshold (applies mainly to 401(k) Plans)$200,000 $215,000
Annual Compensation (applies to almost all retirement plans)$305,000 $330,000
Annual IRA contribution$6,000 $6,500
IRA catch-up contributions (age 50 and older; unchanged)$1,000 $1,000
HSA Catch Up Contributions (age 55+)$1,000 $1,000

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