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403(b) Savings Plan

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Early planning can go a long way.

While retirement planning can seem like it can wait for later, it’s important to start saving as early as possible to make the most of your retirement savings and investments. Whether you’re early on in your career or just a few years from retirement, there’s plenty you can do to prepare.

Build savings with a 403(b) plan

A 403(b) plan is a special type of employer-sponsored retirement plan designed for eligible public education, religious, and other tax-exempt organizations.

Saving with a 403(b) plan gives you the ability to defer a portion of your paycheck and invest funds in a portfolio of your choosing. By participating, you can take advantage of tax savings, reduce your retirement income gap, and get one step closer to achieving financial independence.

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Plan Highlights


Enrollment assistance

Retirement Plan Specialists are available to help explain your options and guide you through enrollment.

Automatic deductions

Contributions are conveniently withdrawn from every paycheck and you have full control over when to start/stop/pause them.

Tax benefits

You may lower your income taxes since contributions reduce what would otherwise go towards your annual income tax bill.

Survivor benefits

You can appoint a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) to receive any remaining assets upon your passing.

Vendor Choice

Plans allow you to select a vendor of your choice. Be sure to research your options.


If you decide to take a different job, you can take the plan with you as long as you have fully vested in the plan.

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