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Early planning can take you far.

While retirement planning can seem like it can wait for later, it’s important to start saving as early as possible to make the most of your retirement savings and investments. Whether you’re early on in your career or just a few years from retirement, there’s plenty you can do to prepare.

Why save with a 457(b) Plan?

A Section 457(b) plan is a special type of employer- sponsored retirement plan that certain governmental employers, and other tax-exempt organizations can establish for their employees.

457(b) plans can help you save for life beyond your full-time working years. Contributing regularly to a 457(b) can give you the power and confidence to retire with more in your pocket and cover housing, health care, vacations, bills, and other expenses upon retirement.

Plan Highlights


You're in control

Contributions are conveniently withdrawn from every paycheck and you have full control over when to start/stop/pause them.

Transparent fees

Our plans feature no comissions and low, transparent fees. Our goal is to help you keep more of what’s yours.

Tax benefits

You may lower your income taxes since contributions reduce what would otherwise go towards your annual income tax bill.

No early withdrawal penalty

Unlike other retirement plans, 457(b) plans are not subject to an early 10% withdrawal penalty—you only pay normal income tax.

Flexible Investment Options

Plans offer a variety of investment options to choose from, including risk-based funds, target date funds, and self-directed mutual funds.


If you decide to take a different job, you can take the plan with you. Likewise, you can consolidate old plans a new 457(b) plan.

You need more than just a pension

One of the many benefits of working for a public organization is the possibility of qualifying for a pension plan upon retirement. If you’ve paid into a pension system and/or Social Security, you will likely qualify for some type of retirement benefit. While this is extremely valuable, keep in mind you likely wont receive 100% of your pre-retirement income. This is why building additional savings through voluntary retirement plans is important to your financial health.

What’s the risk in not planning early?


of people plan to work part-time after retiring to maintain their standard of living1


of midlife adults (ages 40-64) are expected to provide financial support to their parents in the future2


of workers don’t have the necessary funds to retire3

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