403(b) Approved Vendors

Listed below are the 403(b) vendors that have agreed to the terms of each employer’s Written Plan, to provide data electronically and to sign the vendor agreement for your employer. Please check the website before you make a final decision about any vendor. Only vendors who have agreed to sign the vendor information sharing agreement are available in each plan

Note regarding “grandfathered status”: Texas law exempts 403(b) contracts entered into prior to June 1, 2002 from the current TRS approved vendor/product rules. However, in order to be in the Employer’s Plan after January 1, 2009 IRS rules require that the vendor be listed in the Written Plan. To be listed in the Written Plan we require the vendor to sign a vendor agreement. All of the vendors listed below have indicated they will sign this agreement. Most vendors with “grandfathered” contracts under Texas rules have not agreed to sign a vendor agreement.


Company Phone Number Website
403b ASP (ASPire Financial Services)** 855-475-3335
AIG Retirement Services (formerly VALIC)** 800-448-2542 www.valic.com
American Century Investments** 800-345-3533 www.americancentury.com/enroll
American United Life Ins. Co. (only for plans established prior to 2007) 317-285-1877 www.oneamerica.com
Americo† 800-231-0801 www.americo.com
Annuity Investors Life Insurance (AILIC, subsidiary of Great American)** 800-438-3398
Athene (formerly Aviva, and only for participants contributing prior to 1/1/2008) 800-800-9882 www.atheneannuity.com
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company** 800-628-6673 www.us.axa.com
Brighthouse Life Insurance Company 800-638-7767 www.brighthousefinancial.com
CLS Investments, LLC** 402-493-3313
C M Life (subsidiary of Mass Mutual) 800-272-2216
Columbia Management Investment Distributors, Inc. (accounts available through Ameriprise) 800-862-7919
Commonwealth Annuity 800-457-9047
FAM Funds (only for participants contributing prior to 5/22/2014) 800-932-3271
Federated Funds**(new accounts available through ASPire Financial) 800-245-0242 www.federatedinvestors.com
Fidelity Security Life 800-648-8624 www.fslins.com
FinPath 403(b) Plan 800-943-9179 www.finpath403b.com
First Investors Funds distributed by Foresters Financial** 800-432-4026 www.foresters.com
Franklin Templeton 800-530-2432 www.franklintempleton.com
General American (only for participants contributing prior to 6/1/2002) 866-214-0926
GLP & Associates** 877-457-9467 www.glpwins.com
Great American Financial Resources (only for participants contributing prior to 1/1/2008)** 800-789-6771
GWN Securities** 561-472-2700 www.gwnsecurities.com
Horace Mann Investors (includes the Retirement Advantage Product)** 800-999-1030 www.horacemann.com
Horace Mann Life Insurance** 800-999-1030 www.horacemann.com
Industrial Alliance Pacific (acquired by Security Benefit) 800-888-2461 www.securitybenefit.com
Invesco Distributors, Inc (previously Oppenheimer Funds Distributor, Inc.)** 800-835-7305 www.invesco.com
Investment Provider Xchange (available through FPS) 844-788-3474 ext. 5 https://myaccount.ipx-sys.com/
ISC Group 800-888-3520 www.iscgroup.com
Jefferson National Life Ins. Co. (only for plans established prior to 2016) 866-667-0561 www.jeffnat.com
The Legend Group** 800-749-4221 www.legendgroup.com
Lincoln Financial Group**† 800-234-3500 www.lincolnfinancial.com
Lincoln Investment Planning** 800-242-1421 www.lincolninvestment.com
Mass Mutual (only for participants contributing prior to 6/1/2002) 800-234-5606 www.massmutual.com
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company**† 732-866-4042 www.metlife.com/mlrcontacts
Midland National Life Insurance Company 877-586-0240 www.midlandannuity.com
Modern Woodmen of America 800-447-9811 www.modern-woodmen.org
National Life Group** 800-579-2878 www.retirementhomeroom.com
New York Life 800-710-7945 www.newyorklife.com
North American Co. for Life and Health Insurance 866-322-7065 www.nacannuity.com
Orion Portfolio Solutions** 800-379-2513 orionportfoliosolutions.com
Pentegra Retirement Services 800-433-4422 www.pentegra.com
PFS Investments (Primerica)** 800-544-5445 www.primerica.com/public
PlanMember Services** 800-874-6910 www.planmember.com
Putnam Investments 800-662-0019 www.putnam.com
RBFCU** 833-291-1310 www.nationwide.com
RiverSource Investments, LLC (Ameriprise) 800-862-7919 www.riversource.com
Security Benefit** 800-888-2461 www.securitybenefit.com
Sentinel Funds (only for participants contributing prior to 1/1/2008) 800-282-3863
Symetra** 800-796-3872 www.symetra.com
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 800-847-4836 www.thrivent.com
Transamerica Life Insurance Company (only for plans established prior to 2007) 317-285-1877 www.oneamerica.com
T Rowe Price* (only for participants contributing prior to 9/1/2017) 800-638-7890
USAA Investment Mgmt Company 800-531-8292 www.usaa.com
USAA Life Insurance Company 800-531-8292 www.usaa.com
Vanguard** 800-569-4903 www.vanguard.com
VOYA Financial (formerly ING Life)** 800-262-3862
VOYA ReliaStar (formerly ING ReliaStar)** 877-884-5050
Waddell & Reed (Roth option no longer offered after 1/1/2010) 800-923-3355 www.waddell.com
Western National Life Insurance Company (only for participants contributing prior to 9/1/2017) 800-525-7762


*T. Rowe Price no longer accepts new employer groups as of 8/1/2012

** Roth contributions are accepted by these vendors

† If applicable in your employer’s Plan