About Us

Region 10 Education Service Center is the second largest of the 20 regional service centers established by the Texas State Legislature in 1967 for the purpose of providing services to the school districts within a defined geographic region. Regional service centers are non-regulatory, have no taxing authority, and provide services for which participation is voluntary on the part of the local school district. Region 10 Education Service Center, located in Richardson, provides services that impact more than 765,000 students and 90,000 educators, administrative, and support staff in 80 public school districts, 40 Charter Schools, and numerous private schools in the 8 counties (and portions of a 9th) in north Texas that comprise the Region 10 Service Area.

ESC Region 10 and your participating District contract with TCG Administrators (TCG) to provide administrative, and communication services to participants. TCG is the main contact for participants.

TCG Administrators is a fee-based Third Party Administrator located in Austin, Texas specializing in the servicing of employee benefit plans for public school districts and other governmental employers since 2000. TCG Administrators offers administrative services for 125 Cafeteria Plans, 401(a), 403(b) and 457(b) Retirement Plans, and 457 FICA Alternative Plans. Currently TCG Administrators has well in excess of 200,000 employees under management with clients located nationwide.

TCG Administrators specializes in high quality employee benefit services utilizing state of the art technology. Services include online enrollment for most plans offered, MasterCard Debit card to pay out-of-pocket 125 Plan expenses, online customer service along with plan information, and forms available through the TCG website.

In addition, TCG has experienced personnel that provide plan implementation guidance, ongoing plan compliance and maintenance for qualified and nonqualified plans.

TCG Advisors, LP (TCG), an affiliate of TCG Administrators, is the investment advisor for the 457(b), 401(a) and FICA Alternative plans.  TCG works with the Region 10 Investment Advisory Committee to monitor the investments in these plans on a quarterly basis.